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New Book Wednesday – Sequels!

For this week’s new book selection, we’ve got the continuing story of…


1) Rot & Ruin. Jonathan Mayberry’s epic zombie tale continues in Flesh & Bone (book 3).

2) The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. Tom Angleberger (which is just such a fun name) continues the story of our fortunetelling folded paper with book 5 in the series, Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue, and book 6, Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus.

3) William Shakespeare’s Star Wars. Ian Doescher is back with the “first” episode of the iambic pentameter version tale from a time long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, William Shakespeare’s The Phantom of Menace. (These only just arrived, so I haven’t read any yet, but I am curious to see how Jar Jar Binks translates to iambic pentameter.)


New Book Wednesday – Zombie Edition

I thought I was over zombie books. Then I read Paolo Bacigalupi’s Zombie Baseball Beatdown and I realized I had to own up.

20150128_090151My name is Mrs. Gillespie and I LOVE ZOMBIE BOOKS.

Rabi, Miguel, and Joe are out playing baseball when they notice a really, really, REALLY bad smell coming from the meatpacking plant near the field. Some investigation and a run in with some rather tenacious people and cows leads to greed and corruption and bad cattle feed. The feed is turning the cows into zombies. And when the meat from those cows is used to make hamburgers, well, let’s just say it doesn’t bode well for the patrons of the little league concession stand.

This is a fabulously fun and funny book that takes a look at corporate greed, and immigration and whether we really need to eat as much meat as we do. The audio book for this title was an Odyssey honor book last year and is incredibly well done. I have a copy on order – and I just checked the website and it looks like it will be delivered today!

But I’m totally over vampire books.

App of the Week – Zombies and New Years’ Resolutions Edition

Last week was about spending the holidays with aliens. Therefore, it seems only natural that this week I would go truly festive with zombies. (I should probably confess that one of my favorite Christmas stories, the only book that I re-read on a regular basis, involves an entire graveyard’s worth of people raised from the dead to feast on a church full of Christmas Eve party goers. So, in Mrs. Gillespie’s world, Christmas and zombies go hand-in-hand.)
I was looking for something fun for the last App of the Week for 2014 when I came across an exercise app that looks like fun. But it’s only for iOS right now, and I like to make sure that the apps each week are available on both iOS and Android platforms. So, I went with an older app by the same folks.
With the new year comes new years’ resolutions. And one of the most popular resolutions is to exercise more. But sometimes, we need a little extra motivation to keep going. That’s where Zombies, Run! comes in.
Make your playlist and then go for a run. Suddenly, you hear a helicopter crash and a voice comes through your playlist to tell you that you’ve been in a crash and you need to escape from the zombies. The story guides you along through your run and you can earn supplies to help build your base. After you’ve gone for a run (or walk) you can sync up to Zombielink for all of your stats: how far you went, how fast you went, how many zombies you evaded.
The app is available on both iOS and Android and costs $3.99 and comes with 40 missions. There are in app purchases, including 120 extra missions. If you want a slightly less expensive app, there is a Zombies, Run! 5K version for $1.99(iOS and Android). This is an 8 week mission designed to get you ready to run a 5K…perfect if you’re thinking you want to tackle the Thrill on the Hill this year!
And for you iTouch, iPhone, and iPad users, the app that got me started down this road was Dungeon Runner: Fitness Quest. This is an exercise game. You set your phone or pad up about six feet away and turn the camera to “selfie” mode. The game leads you through exercises like punches and squats to help you beat enemies and open secret doors. Looks like a lot of fun and it’s free!
Happy exercising!

Classic Book Friday – Mash-up Edition

Wednesday’s featured series was a mash-up of William Shakespeare and George Lucas, so it seemed fitting to choose another mash-up that’s been shuffling around the library for a while.

20140926_092527Mark Twain…meet the zombie invasion. In Adventiures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim, Huck and Jim are battling those infected by a pox that kills them and brings them back to life. And of course, Huck orchestrates a prank that goes horribly wrong for Jim, requiring them to escape to the river.

These mash-ups tend to be pretty true to the original, so if you’ve never read Mark Twain you can get a taste for his style, while enjoying a little zombie apocalypse. This also fits with Banned Books Week since Twain’s original is one of the most often challenged books and has even been recently “edited” to make it less “offensive.”