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Apps of the Week – Pre-mid-terms Version

Happy Monday! With mid-terms just a week away, I thought this post I found on Tumblr was quite relevant. It lists a bunch of apps intended to help you focus, de-stress, and concentrate. Not surprisingly, a lot of them are centered around sleeping, because the better you sleep, the better you can concentrate and the less stressed you feel. I also thought the sleep apps were quite relevant since the alumni who were here on Friday stressed the importance of being able to get yourself up in time for class.

The links to the apps in the original post are to the iOS versions. A few of them have Android equivalents. The Android links are below. For a description of the apps, see the Tumblr post.

And as long as we’re talking how to handle mid-term stress, check out this TED Talk on power poses and confidence. It’s one of my all time favorites.



Classic Book Friday – Changing the World

This book has been around the library for a few years. A couple of people have read it and found it really interesting.

20150226_161950Planetwalker is John Francis’s story of finding a way to make a difference.In 1971, two oil tankers collided in San Francisco Bay. John Francis worked to help clean the resulting oil spill. But the experience affected him so much, that he decided he was going to give up riding in vehicles…no car, no bus, no train. Instead, he was going to walk everywhere. Some folks he knew started to give him a hard time, questioning his motive. Assuming he was trying to make others feel bad. Through that experience, he found that he often wasn’t fully listening to people because he was always trying to prepare his response to what they were saying. So he decided to stop talking for a day. That ended up being such a powerful experience for him that he decided to remain silent for a year. And that turned into 17 years of silence. While walking everywhere and remaining silent, he earned three degrees and traveled the country. The book recounts his journey and focuses quite a bit on the people he met along the way.

Francis no longer walks everywhere and he is no longer silent. If you’d like to get an idea of what he’s about, check out his TED Talk. It’s really interesting.