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Classic Book Friday – Follow the Author

Since I plugged Zombie Baseball Beatdown on Wednesday, I thought I’d show off another Paolo Bacigalupi novel for today. (And maybe I just wanted another excuse to stand up in meeting and say “Bacigalupi.”)

20150129_164416Shipbreaker is a fabulous dystopian novel. It’s set along the Gulf Coast where oil tankers have grounded and been abandoned. Groups of kids work to strip the vessels of their valuable parts. When a storm comes through and beaches a yacht, Nailer, one of the shipbreakers, is the first to find it. The boat is filled with all sorts of riches that could life Nailer out of the life he lives, but one above all else…a lone survivor. She’s the daughter of a wealthy family and if he is seen as her rescuer, Nailer could have a new life.

I can’t tell you how much I loved this book. The characters are fantastic. The setting is vivid. Bacigalupi builds a believable, and recognizable, future world.

And we also have this available as an MP3 audiobook.


New Book Wednesday – Zombie Edition

I thought I was over zombie books. Then I read Paolo Bacigalupi’s Zombie Baseball Beatdown and I realized I had to own up.

20150128_090151My name is Mrs. Gillespie and I LOVE ZOMBIE BOOKS.

Rabi, Miguel, and Joe are out playing baseball when they notice a really, really, REALLY bad smell coming from the meatpacking plant near the field. Some investigation and a run in with some rather tenacious people and cows leads to greed and corruption and bad cattle feed. The feed is turning the cows into zombies. And when the meat from those cows is used to make hamburgers, well, let’s just say it doesn’t bode well for the patrons of the little league concession stand.

This is a fabulously fun and funny book that takes a look at corporate greed, and immigration and whether we really need to eat as much meat as we do. The audio book for this title was an Odyssey honor book last year and is incredibly well done. I have a copy on order – and I just checked the website and it looks like it will be delivered today!

But I’m totally over vampire books.