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Destined-to-Be-a-Classic-Book Friday–Authors, uthors everywhere, but not a drop of ink…

With apologies to Willy Wonka, who owes apologies to Samuel Coleridge…

Today’s featured book is Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman. This is the sequel to Seraphina, a fantastic high fantasy book about the conflict between dragons and humans. In Hartman’s fantastically constructed world, dragons can take on human form, sometimes making it difficult to know who is who. And Seraphina throws everything off by being half-human and half-dragon, though very few people know it.


I haven’t read Shrh1adow Scale yet, but it will likely be on my spring break list. And I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Hartman on Monday when she was at Children’s Book World in Haverford. She was funny and interesting and insightful and has been a Terry Pratchett fan since she was a kid.


If you’d like a chance to hang with an author, this coming Thursday, March 26th, at Children’s Book World will be AWESOME!! Gayle Forman, who wrote If I Stay, will be there with my very favorite author A.S. King. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, on Tuesday they announced that Libba Bray, who wrote last summer’s summer read Going Bovine, is going to join them! It’s possible that Mrs. Selinsky and I both squealed like teeny-bopper Justin Beiber fans when we found this out. The event is at Children’s Book World in Haverford (right across from the Haverford School) and begins at 7. I may be a little late, but I will definitely be fangirling that night.


Classic Book Friday – Nefarious Librarian Edition

alcatrazThey say a worn cover is the sign of a well-loved book. So it should be obvious that this book has been popular among Hill Top students. And it’s one of my all-time favorites.

Alcatraz has been in 27 foster homes. He gets moved around a lot because he’s always breaking things. On his 13th birthday, he receives a back of sand in the mail. Shortly after, Alcatraz’s grandfather shows up to let Alcatraz know that he is part of a long line of people fighting against the evil librarians, who are trying to take over the world by spreading misinformation (for example, dinosaurs still exist and they can talk). Alcatraz has to team up with his grandfather and other new-found relatives to defeat the librarians and protect his bag of sand.

I first found out about this book from a comic strip.

Brandon Sanderson, for those of you who enjoy fantasy, completed Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Cycle after Jordan passed away. So, when it comes to fantasy, he’s up there. Oh, and he’s also going to be at Children’s Book World on January 27th! Can you guess who will be geeking out that night?

Bookish Events – Wimpy Edition

For all you Wimpy Kid fans out there (and I know who you are…even you high school students), Jeff Kinney is coming to the area to promote his latest book. He will be appearing on November 4th, courtesy of Children’s Book World in Haverford (my favorite book store). But because they are expecting a lot of Wimpy fans, 1) you must buy a ticket in advance for the event and 2) the event is going to be held at The Horticultural Center, located at 100 N Horticultural Drive Philadelphia, PA 19131.

Tickets will be available starting at 9.30 tomorrow (Saturday, 10/18) morning. They are $16 each and include a copy of The Long Haul.

All the information is on the bookstore’s website.

Author Event

Welcome back, everyone! I need to post an update on my summer reading soon. I read some really good stuff.
But in the meantime, there’s an author event TONIGHT at my favorite bookstore in Delaware County (I have to qualify it a bit because there’s a great bookstore in Williamsport that also has a special place in my geeky librarian’s heart). Anyway, tonight at 7PM, Children’s Book World in Haverford will be hosting Tiffany Schmidt, Sarah J Maas, Elizabeth Norris, and Susan Dennard. These are great events where you really have a chance to talk the authors (and get a signed book and get a picture with the author). If you’re in the neighborhood, I highly recommend it.

Spring Break Reading – Meet the Author Edition


If you want to add another dimension to your spring break reading, consider these two opportunities, courtesy of Children’s Book World.

On Tuesday, March 25th, Tom Angleberger, the genius behind The Origami Yoda series, will be at Children’s Book World promoting his newest book, Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue. (I don’t have that one yet, but we did recently get The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet – and Mrs. Trusty has a Jabba the Puppet hanging on her bulletin board.)

Then on Thursday, the 27th, stop by to meet Johnathan Stroud, author of The Bartimaeus Trilogy. He’ll be promoting his new series, Lockwood & Co.

Both events begin at 7PM. If you can get there, I highly recommend it. Children’s Book World puts on a great event. They’re usually not too crowded, so you have a chance to really have a discussion with the author as part of a group, and then time to talk with him (or her) individually if you get a book signed. I’ve met lots of authors there over the last few years and always have a great time.

Thanksgiving Listening

For those of you who may need to travel over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for the holiday, I have some audiobooks that may make the ride a little more tolerable.

Did you see the movie version of The Great Gatsby? If you liked the whole ’20s feel, you might also enjoy Libba Bray’s The Diviners. Evie is a little out of control for her hometown, so she’s been sent to New York City to live with her uncle. Her uncle runs a museum of oddities and ends up consulting for the police on a murder investigation, which may or may not involve the occult. It turns out that Evie has a supernatural secret of her own (as do a few of her new NYC friends) that may help in solving these murders. Very creepy. January LaVoy does the narration and is wonderful! But be warned, this is the first book in a series and there are lots of loose ends at the end. (I didn’t know this when I read it and you should have seen me yelling at the stereo in my car when I realized I was on the last track and there were still SO MANY QUESTIONS!!)

Want something a little lighter? Try Chomp by Carl Hiaasen. Wahoo Cray lives with her father, Mikey, who is an animal wrangler. He often helps on movie sets when trained “wild” animals are needed. His latest show is a Man Vs. Wild type show in the Florida Everglades with an arrogant and reckless star. The star is bit by a bat and has a little bit of a breakdown. Meanwhile, Wahoo has teamed up with a girl named Tuna, who is running from an abusive dad. Naturally, there’s a showdown in the swamp, in the middle of storm. Hiaasen’s books are always great for their environmental angles and their humor. James Van Der Beek reads this one.

The Eye of the Minds by James Dashner is a new book. I haven’t read or listened to it yet, but I picked up the audio at my conference last week. It sounds fascinating! The main character is a gamer, who is also known for breaking the rules in VirtNet, the total mind and body virtual reality everyone is addicted to. When a hacker starts holding players hostage, the government needs someone who knows the ins and outs of VirtNet and can hack the rules. Dashner also wrote The Maze Runner series, which is awesome, so I can only imagine this book is going to be great. And geek flag alert…James Dashner is going to be at Children’s Book World in Haverford tonight at 7. I’ll be there being my best fangirl self. (And this also means that tomorrow we’ll also have a print copy of the book). This is also the first in a planned series.
Finally, I picked up Scowler by Daniel Kraus. He’s the guy who wrote Rotters, the book about grave robbers. This is his latest book, and it has the same narrator as Rotters. I don’t know much about it, except that it involves a demonic folk doll and it’s scary as all get out. I talked with a woman who is on a bunch of audiobook award committees and she told me she never has nightmares and her dreams are always in black and white. This audiobook gave her nightmares that featured color, sound, and smell. You’ve been warned.