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New Book Wednesday – Aliens


Nothing says December holidays like aliens, right? At the start of this book, aliens have invaded. They’ve cut off electricity. They’ve flooded all of the coasts. They’ve unleashed a virus. They’ve sent snipers for the survivors. Now the 5th wave of the takeover of earth is about to start. Cassie’s on her own, looking for her brother. And she doesn’t know who to trust.

Check out the book trailer for it (made by yours truly).





All Hallow’s Read Day 2

Today’s book features something that juniors and seniors consider quite scary: college applications!

Okay, so today’s book isn’t really a scary book, exactly. But it does sound like a lot of fun. In Robin Wasserman’s Hacking Harvard, three hackers, fed up with what they see as an unfair admissions system, aim to get the biggest slacker in their class accepted into the most prestigious university in the country.

I bring this book up today to remind everyone that the Hill Top College Fair is next Wednesday, November 6th. We have about 25 colleges attending. College info stuff opens at 7. A presentation on transitioning to college starts at 6.30. If you want to stay after school, please be sure to bring a note and $5 for pizza.