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Teen Tech Week Reads

To start the week out, we’ve got John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines. Colin’s a child prodigy, but when it comes to dating, he’s no smarter than a 5th grader. Colin has managed to be dumped by 18 girls, all named Katherine. He and his friend Hassan (who is not a terrorist) go on a roadtrip, and Colin decides to put his genius to work on developing a mathematical formula to help decide how long a relationship will last and who will dump whom. And it’s all complicated when he meets a girl named…Lindsey.

Teen Tech Week bonus…Colin has a mnemonic for remembering the first 99 digits of pi.

Today’s book is M.T. Anderson’s Feed, imagine your computer, phone, MP3 player, and ereader all on one chip, and that chip is embedded in your brain. Need to know the square root of pi? Just think about it and the calculator function gives you the answer. Like that sweatshirt your friend is wearing? You’ll have purchasing options right away. In this world, you don’t need to learn facts at school…you need to learn to make your bed (yeah, all the world’s info is on a chip in your brain, but beds still need to be made manually).

When all of this tech is in your head, what happens when someone releases a virus?


Geeky Careers Continued

Tuesday we will have our 3rd Skype session on Geeky Careers. Mr. Bill Welcher, a naval architect, will join us at 11.45 to talk about what he does and how he ended up doing it. Not sure what a naval architect does? Check out this video from the Science Channel’s How It’s Made. The computer screens you see during the piece are actually Mr. Welcher’s computer!