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Reading Excitement

This week is Banned Books Week. A week that is set aside to appreciate the fact that we live in a country where only our parents can control what we read or don’t read. While there are places where small groups of people will try to make reading decisions for an entire community, Hill Top has not had that experience.

So I thought this week would be better celebrated as a week to amp up our enthusiasm for reading. And I have two opportunities for folks who want to get involved.

The first involves a professional group to which I belong. YALSA, the Young Adult Library Association, is made up of librarians and libraries who serve young adults. Every year they issue sever awards and honors to the books that members deem to be the best of the year. For example, the Pintz Award is given to the book that is considered to be the best book written for young adults each year. The Printz committee is made up of librarians from around the country.

tttAnd while that’s a great thing, sometimes what adults consider the best and what teens consider the best are slightly different. So YALSA also has the Teens’ Top Ten. This is a list of the top ten books of the past year as decided by teens. A bunch of teen book groups from around the country read like crazy and come up with a list of about 30 books. Then, all teens are asked to go online and pick their three favorites from that list. The votes are tallied and the top ten books make up the final list.

So, here’s your chance to pick the best books of 2012/2013. Just go to the voting page and cast your vote! Books that we own here at Hill Top will be on display, in case you want to do some research before casting your vote.


The second thing is a crazy idea some librarian in Wisconsin had. (See, crazy ideas are a trait of all librarians, not just me!) She works at a public library and thought it would be fun to have kids from her library participate in a postcard exchange with other library groups around the country. I hate for someone to be alone in her crazy idea and thought that some of you might enjoy doing the same. And now there are about 20 libraries from all over signed up. We’ve even got a Tumblr! So, if you’d like to create postcards that talk about what you’re reading, what you like to read, and Hill Top in general, please come see me so we can get this rolling!


New Spice in the Library

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