Podcast of the Week – Myths and Legends

logo-new_castleI happened upon the Myths and Legends podcast recently. I was installing a new podcast app on my phone and looking for some new things to listen to. This was listed in the  top ten, so I thought I’d give it a try.


Each week, host Jason takes on a tale from myth, legend, or folklore and delves into the details of the story. His passion seems to be for King Arthur. And he’ll approach the Arthurian legend in bits and pieces, and for each piece, he dedicates about three episodes. Between Arthurian tales, he takes on folk tales from around the world as well as classic fairy tales. But, obviously, he’s looking at the true, original versions, not the Disnefied tales we know from childhood (the Rapunzel episode has been one of my favorites).

And if it’s not enough to hear these great stories, he ends each episode with “The Creature of the Week.” These are very short stories about creatures that have their place in mythology and lore, but don’t have enough for necessarily an entire episode, such as the abatwa from South Africa, who don’t like it when you don’t notice them.

And the website has extra information if you’d like to know more about a story from a particular episode.


One response to “Podcast of the Week – Myths and Legends

  1. kitty goetz ( griffin's mom)

    This sounds great! thanks for sharing! I follow several podcasts and really enjoy listening to good story tellers.

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