Another Opportunity for This Summer

I know that today should be a book, and I still have some great books in verse to share. But I found this yesterday and because of the deadline, it really can’t wait. As you may know, the Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia this year, from July 25th through the 28th. This is the meeting where the Democratic Party will officially decide on its candidate for the November election.


Photo: Theresa Thompson, flickr

This first piece is only for those of you who are already 18, and seniors, if you’re looking for an interesting summer experience, you may want to look into this. The Democratic National Convention Committee has internship opportunities for “enthusiastic, politically-minded future leaders.”

From the web-site, “DNCC interns perform a wide range of responsibilities, including assisting senior staff, preparing memos, attending meetings and events, acting as the first point of contact to the convention by answering phones and greeting visitors at the front desk, assisting with special projects, and any other duties that are needed by the department head.”

The internships run from June 1st through August 5th. The application deadline is…FRIDAY. So if this interests you, you need to get a move on it. (Sorry about the short notice…this only came to my attention yesterday.) You need to fill out the application (which requires two essays and two letters of recommendation) and submit a resume. I am happy to help with any of this, including writing one of the letters. Just come see me.

If this sounds kind of exciting, but you’re not 18 yet, the Philadelphia DNC (also known as the “Host Committee”) has volunteer opportunities for those 14 and older. All of the information for that is on their website.

You do not need to be a Democrat in order to participate in this. You don’t have to be a Hilary or Bernie supporter. The friend through whom I learned about this is a Republican, but just thinks the experience would be phenomenal. And I have to agree with her! Political conventions only happen every 4 years. And with the Republican Convention having been in Philadelphia in 2000, it may be a while before we see another one here.


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