Digital Citizenship – Pt 1

As you well know, we’re celebrating Digital Citizenship Week this week. I was all set to talk about Feed, which is probably one of my favorite books about technology, but then this one caught my eye and I thought it works as well.


Armada by Ernst Cline (he of Ready Player One awesomeness) is the story of Zach, who wishes life were a little more like his favorite video games. (I’m certain that none of you understand that concept.) So, instead of wasting too much energy on school and college applications, he concentrates on being one of the best players of his favorite game, Armada, an alien invasion flight simulator.

Then one day, while he’s staring out the window instead of focusing on class, he sees an alien ship in the sky.

Maybe he’s going crazy. Or maybe this is the opportunity he’s been waiting (and training?) for his whole life.

This is definitely a fun book, especially if you enjoy video games, and enjoy being immersed in one particular game. There’s some interesting history of video games in here, as well as some pop-culture alien references. That’s part of what I find most fun about reading Cline’s books.

In my opinion, Armada is good. Although not as good as Ready Player One. I’m not sure if that’s because Ready Player One is actually better, or if it’s because I enjoyed that so much that I had higher expectations going into Armada. Either way, it’s fun. And if you want a justification for your video game playing, you may find it in here. Or you may find a reason to get off of the games and go read a book.


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