New Books – Someone’s Gonna Die

Before I tell you anything else about these books, I’m gonna be upfront. Someone’s gonna die. Someone important. Someone you will like a lot. This is not a spoiler. You will know from the beginning. And no matter how much you think that the author won’t kill him off. She will. So you’ve been warned.


The Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater is a series of four books: The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, Blue Lily Lily Blue,  and The Raven King (warning…the final book, the one where he dies, hasn’t been published yet…it comes out in April.

The stories follow Blue Sargent, who lives with her mother and aunt, all of whom have some sort of psychic ability. Blue is sort of the misfit. While she doesn’t have any psychic ability, she acts as a battery boost for other people’s powers. Against everything she believes in, she befriends some Raven Boys, boys who attend Aglionby Academy in her town of Henrietta. Typically, she regards students there as rich, entitled, and annoying. Until some of them end up in the restaurant where she works.

Ronan Lynch is dealing with the death of his father, banishment from his family home, and estrangement from his brothers. He’s also got powers of his own that may be trying to kill him. He has a pet raven named Chainsaw.

Adam Parrish is a local boy who is working his way through Aglionby on scholarships and hours at the local garage.

Noah is an Aglionby student who is a little different. But it takes a while for anyone to notice.

Richard Campbell Gansey III is the glue who holds them all together. He’s the one who first crosses Blue’s path. He’s the one who keeps they rest of the boys from killing each other. All in the name of searching for a dead Welsh king named Glendower. Legend says that whoever finds the sleeping king will be rewarded. And, oh yeah, Gansey’s gonna die. Blue knows. Her family knows. Adam finds out. No one else knows.

The book is full of magic and psychics and ley lines and trees that speak in Latin and crazy teachers and boys with powerful cars and boys with old broken down cars and boys who can fix cars and women who can see your future and can disappear in mirrors.

I LOVE this series. It’s been a blast to read, which says something. I often read the first book and then skip the rest of the series. With this one. I may be at the bookstore on April 26th.

In one of the first scenes, we’re told that Gansey is destined to die within a year. And this plays into a lot of Blue’s motivation. Out on the interwebz, there are lots of people who are convinced that the author has a planned loophole and Gansey will live (because he’s really a cool character). But she adamantly says that we should all be prepared; that he’s gonna die. Exhibit A from her Tumblr:



One response to “New Books – Someone’s Gonna Die

  1. Laura Selinsky

    Maggie Stiefvater is a fearless and exciting author. My writing group and I (all adults) loved her novel “The Scorpio Races.” I am sure that this series will be great.

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