“When Greatness Calls…Average Answers”

We have a great new book in the library. I  read a review copy over the summer and it was so much fun to read. The League of Unexceptional Children by Gitty Daneshavri.


The Vice President has been kidnapped. He’s got secret codes. And he’s not good at keeping secrets. So he needs to be rescued as soon as possible. But sometimes, you need to make sure the bad guys don’t notice that you’re conducting a rescue. That’s when you turn to The League of Unexceptional Children.

For this particular mission, Jonathan and Shelley are newly recruited in the League. They are straight C students. The kids who live next to them, constantly assume they’re the new kids they heard moved into the neighborhood, even though they’ve all gone to school together since the 1st grade. And this ability to blend in, to go unnoticed, is their superpower.

Along the way, they have to deal with a crazy Community Patrol, an inept security guard (on whose watch the VP was kidnapped), a maniacal, musical genius, and a school nurse who may be hiding something (hmmm…maybe we should take a closer look at what Mrs. Butler is doing?).

This book was a lot of fun. Jonathan and Shelley are normal kids. Although Shelley may talk a little too much. And make up too many answers when she doesn’t know for sure. But through the course of the story they find what they’re really good at. This ends in a way that it could be the set up for a series. And I have to say, I wouldn’t mind going on another adventure with these two.


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