Apps of the Week – Test Prep Options

Well, since last week I spent a bit of time overwhelming the 10th and 11th graders with information about SATs and ACTs, I thought it might be kind if I started this week with some test prep options.

khanKhan Academy (iOS and Android)

Most of you are already familiar with Khan Academy from other classes. They are now the official test prep partner of the SAT. So, you can download the app and watch a number of videos on how to approach the different types of questions on the new version of the SAT. The app only has videos, but if you go to the website, you can also look at sample questions and take practice tests.

Daily Practice for the New SAT (iOS and Android)dailysat

This is the official app from the College Board. Get a random practice question each day. As with the practice questions on the College Board web site, you’ll get immediate feedback on your answers. The app gives the reasoning behind correct answers and will also explain why an answer is wrong. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but apparently you can download an answer sheet from the website, take a picture of it once you’ve finished a practice test, and the app will score it for you (although several reviews of the app indicated that this feature is still a little buggy).

ACT Question of the Day (web based)

The ACT also posts a question a day to help you prepare in short but regular intervals for the test. Like with the College Board, ACT will let you know why an answer is not correct and will give a detailed explanation of the correct answer. There is one official ACT prep app, but it is designed to work only with an online ACT test prep account, which is $40. If you’re interested in that, you can find more information about it here.


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