I Want to Believe

Back in the ’90s, I spent most of my Friday nights, and then my Sunday nights, hanging out with a group of friends watching The X-Files. It was a bonding experience. Needless to say, I’m very excited about the reboot that started last weekend (although I haven’t watched it yet, so don’t tell me anything…I’m rewatching the original series before starting the new one). My book for you today is related to this love of all things Mulder and Scully (and Skinner…I truly believe the Assistant Director is one of the more underrated characters in the show).


Over the summer, I had a chance to read a review copy of Weird Girl and What’s His Name by Meagan Brothers. I think I chose it mostly based on the title, because you know I love a good title. I didn’t know much else about it. But ended up really enjoying it.

Lula and Rory are the outcasts in the school and town – the eponymous Weird Girl and What’s His Name. They are one another’s best friends. And they bond over their shared love of The X-Files. But they have their issues. Lula is dealing with the knowledge that her mother dumped her with her grandparents and disappeared. Rory has some secrets he won’t even share with Lula. Then Lula disappears and things go topsy-turvy.

The first part of the book is told from Rory’s perspective. The second part from Lula’s. I loved how Brothers used this to give you insight into one person, while keeping you in the dark about the other. It really helped give you a sense of being confused by another person’s actions; it got you into their head.

This is a great story about the importance of friendship and the feeling of devastation when you feel that friend has betrayed you. It’s about feeling like an outcast and then actively trying to find your place in the world, whether it’s the larger world, or just the world of your family and your school. And it’s got lots of classic X-Files references.

Oh, and this is totally a “contemporary novel” so if you’re still looking for a book for Mrs. Selinsky’s independent reading, this would work!



One response to “I Want to Believe

  1. Laura Selinsky

    Thanks for the Book Report reminder and for the GIF, too!

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