Some Last Winter Break Suggestions

Two completely unrelated suggestions for today. The first is a series that looks like a lot of fun!20151218_090452

The Cold Cereal series follows the adventures of Scottish Play Doe, known as Scott, a leprechaun named Mick on the run from the Goodco Cereal Company, and their friends, the twins, Erno and Emily. Each book pits the four of them against the evil Goodco Cereal Company, run by a fairy named Nimue, who are trying to used breakfast foods to take over the world. These are by the same author of my perennial favorite The True Meaning of Smekday, which was the basis for the movie Home.


Since there’s a big good versus evil story out today, I thought I’d highlight a book  that’s a little more ambiguous about good and evil. Victor and Eli were college friends who stumbled on an idea…near-death experiences imbue people with extra-ordianary powers. What starts out as purely theoretical research quickly moves into experimental trial. And Victor winds up in jail. Ten years later, Victor is out of jail and wants to stop his old friend. I read this over the summer and could not put it down.

20151218_091247And a package arrived yesterday afternoon containing most of the Morris and Non-fiction Award nominees for this year.


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