Opportunity of the Week – PA Free Enterprise Week

So here’s another interesting summer program for 10th and 11th graders to think about. Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is a one-week program designed to give you experience in management and business.

You’ll stay on campus at Lycoming College or Penn College of Technology (where Jack is going next year!). You will work with a group of students as a management team running you own virtual business. Local business owners will be there to advise you and help make your business a financial success.

There are five sessions this summer: July 3-9, July 10-16, July 24-30, and two sessions the week of July 31-August 6. The early bird application deadline is March 4. Final deadline is April 8. This is, again, something to make you an interesting applicant for a job or college. It’ll look great on that ZeeMee profile.

I have copies of the application. And you can also print one out from the website or apply online. (My advice…print it out and fill out that paper copy then use that to submit an online application.)


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