It’s a Twist[er] on a Classic

If, like me, you’re not a great fan of The Wizard of Oz, then you will probably really enjoy Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die.


Forgive the goofy picture. I’m covering for Mrs. Neft and don’t have my phone at the desk.

First of all, this book has what I consider to be the best attribute any book can have…an awesome protagonist named Amy.

Amy lives in Kansas. She’s a bit of an outcast. She lives in a trailer with her mom, who has Issues. And she’s home alone when…wait for it…a tornado hits and lifts her trailer up from its foundation and deposits her in a post-apocalyptic Oz.

It seems that after returning to Kansas, Dorothy found life there a bit uninteresting. So she returned to Oz, seemingly kidnapped Ozma, and now rules through cruelty and fear. Remember the sweet scarecrow, the kind tin man, and the cuddly lion? Not so much. They’re now Dorothy’s evil minions.

To be honest, this is as far as I’ve gotten in the book myself. But so far, I’m loving it!! There are lots of references to the original Oz books (for example, the statue of Dorothy in what’s left of Munchkinland has silver slippers, there’s talk of Tin Man’s backstory, and Ozma is a character). If you haven’t read any of them, I highly recommend them. They’re just ever so slightly different from the movie.


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