I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Happy Halloween! I love this time of year. Horror movies. Creepy stories. As someone who likes a good fabricated scare…I’m in my element. So, for those of you who are like me, and like a good creepy story, I’ve got two new books for you.

20151030_090251I read The Nest by Kenneth Oppel in about an hour. Because I couldn’t put it down. Because if I did, my heart my have exploded from the suspense and anxiety. I could hardly breathe while reading this story. The story is about a boy named Steve who has been working on dealing with his severe anxiety. Then his little brother is born with serious health issues that have his parents constantly worried. Steve has always had nightmares. But suddenly, his dreams are more calming and soothing. Until they’re not. There are some illustrations in the book by Jon Klassen who does adorable children’s books like This Is Not My Hat and I Want My Hat Back. His illustrations for this book. Terrifying. I may never be able to give a child one of his books again.

20151030_090218The second book is probably more for the high schoolers. The blurb on the cover of Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics says, “Imagine Stephen King writing Little House on the Pairie” (Cat Winters). I really can’t add anything beyond that except that I finished this book before going to be and had to pick up a light and funny book to calm myself enough to go to sleep.

And, if you’re like me, and enjoy creepy things, try looking up the singer Jonathan Coulton and his song “Creepy Doll.”

Happy Halloween. And if anyone wants to share their Reese’s Cups on Monday, you know where I am.


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