Mrs. Gillespie as Fan Girl, Part 1


Today’s books are from one of my favorite authors, Gary D Schmidt.

The Wednesday Wars chronicles the trials and tribulations of one Holling Hoodhood. In Holling’s school, everyone is dismissed early on Wednesdays so they can go either to CCD class or Hebrew School. Holling, being neither Catholic nor Jewish, does not get to leave early. He is the only student left in Mrs. Baker’s class every week. She decides that this would be a good opportunity for him to learn some Shakespeare. He’s convinced that this is her punishing him for being the only student left. And thus begins a year long battle that will include baseball, bullies, the Vietnam War, acting, and track.

One of Holling’s good friends is Doug Swietck. A few years after the events of the Wednesday Wars, Doug’s family moves to a new town…and Doug gets his own story. According to Ryan S, this is the worst book he’s ever read. I think that just shows Ryan’s lack of good taste. But he does have a point, Doug’s life is tough and he’s got bad thing after bad thing that happens to him. But there are some good things. One of which is a librarian!

(Also sneaking into the picture is First Boy, the story of a young boy who is living alone on a farm in New Hampshire and who becomes a hot topic in a presidential race.)

I picked these books today, not just because I LOVE Gary D. Schmidt as an author, but because he’s in town! He has a new book out, Orbiting Jupiter (which we will have in the library on Monday). And as part of his book tour, he’s stopping at Children’s Book World in Haverford tonight!!!! The event starts at 7. And if you want to see me all gushy and totally fan girl over meeting someone I really admire, this is your chance.

I’ve mentioned these events before and I’ll say again, author events at Children’s Book World are fantastic because it’s a small place, you get to really talk with author, ask any questions you want, and get your books signed. If you’re really brave, you can also get your picture taken with the authors (I’m always too shy to do this). But it’s definitely worth going if you can.

(And if you follow that link to the event, you can see when I will next be fan girling.)


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