Wednesday’s Book – What if I told you…

What if I told you we have a new book in the library all about conspiracies?


History Decoded is the companion book to the History Channel series of the same name. Brad Meltzer, the host of the show and primary author of the book, writes great political intrigue novels and has also authored a number of comics for DC (look him up on Goodreads to see the characters he’s handled).

In History Decoded, he takes a look at 10 of the biggest mysteries/conspiracies in US history, including DB Cooper (that’s the chapter I really want to read), the missing cornerstone of the White House, UFOs, and, of course, JFK’s assassination.

Aside from covering some really interesting topics, the book has a great format as well. Each chapter has an envelope at the beginning. Inside the envelope you can pull out reproductions of primary sources on that topic (like the wanted poster for John Willkes Booth).

Thanks to the Harbison family for donating this great book to the library!


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