Extension of the Week – Readability

This is for all of you Google Chrome users out there. There’s a fantastic extension for Chrome called Readability. And it can make reading on the web a lot easier.

Readability_logoWhen I’m reading a web site, I often get distracted by the extra stuff that’s on the sides of whatever it is I’m trying to read, whether it’s links to other articles on the site or, heaven forbid, .gifs or videos. Readability gets rid of all of that nonsense so you can have a clean copy from which to read. All you have to do is click the little chair and choose read now.

Another function it has is that you can choose “read later” and put a bookmark on the cloud. You can then log into Readability from any computer and see your bookmarks. You can also browse things other people have bookmarked. So, if you’re looking for information on a particular topic, you can see if anyone has tagged a website with that in Readability.

Finally, if you use a Kindle or a Kindle app, you can send a webpage to your Kindle. You need to have the email address for your device. Once you set that up, Readability will send the web page as a document to your Kindle (or Kindle app) and you can read it like you would read any other file.

To access this, go into the Google Store and search for Readability. Choose to add the extension to Chrome. Or you can go directly to their website.

If you are a Firefox user, there’s a similar feature built into the browser. Look at the right side of your address bar and you’ll see and icon that looks like a book. Click that and it’ll clean up the web page.


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