Welcome Back!

Ahhh…the first post of the 2015-2016 school year! So exciting.

This year, on Mondays, Mrs Boardman and I will be featuring “What We’re Excited about This Week.” It might be an app, it might be a website, it might be movie. In short, it could be anything.


So, I’m going to start out with some college related stuff. I’m excited that this week we have our first visits from college reps. We will have a rep here from Neumann University tomorrow (Tuesday) during mentor period. Neumann is a small university in Aston. A number of Hill To alum have gone to Neumann and had a great experience.

And then on Thursday we’ll have a rep from Saint Joe’s. Aside from some great athletics, St. Joe’s hassju-logo_0 strong support systems for students who learn differently. And they are test option, so you do not need to take the SATs or ACTs for admission. They also have a fantastic support program called ASPIRE. This is great opportunity to talk with our rep and get some information before their open house on Sunday, October 4th.

Both of these schools will also be at our college fair on November 12th, but this is a chance to talk with reps in a more personal setting.

This year, I will be tracking lots of college and transition related stuff on Padlet. So, to keep up on college visits, scholarships, and who’s coming to the college fair, check out my College and Transition Padelt.


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  1. Thank you so much!

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