App of the Week – I Don’t Even…

I stumbled across this game last night and I don’t even know what to think of it. I’m actually crying, I’m laughing so hard. And I predict that I will waste hours with this…not to mention that I have a new song for my running playlist.


The game is called Dumb Ways to Die. I downloaded and just started playing. The first screen is a fork inside a toaster. The goal: swipe up to remove the fork (and toast) without touching the sides. Then it’s on to a series of equally bizarre tasks: connect electrical wires, duck before the bear eats your head, tilt the phone to get a space helmet back on before the vaccuum of space makes your head explode.The games are fast paced, and as you complete each set, they repeat faster, and “fasterer,” and “faster faster faster faster.”

Here’s where the “I Don’t Even…” part comes in. If you die three times, it takes you back to the home screen, which is a train station platform (and some of the tasks are avoiding falling off train platforms). But before you get there, in the top right corner is a “Safety Pledge” which says you won’t do dumb things around trains. Turns out, the game is based on a public safety campaign by Metro Trains Melbourne (as in Australia).  You have to check out their website. There’s a video with a song, which is totally going on my running playlist, and this is what had me laughing so hard I was crying.

The game is free, with, of course, some in-app purchases (although I haven’t come across them yet) and available on both iOS and Android.

Oh, and there’s Dumb Ways to Die 2!!! (Do you think Ms. Falcone will be understanding when I don’t get my final grades done?)


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