New Book Wednesday – X

If you’ve been through my Info Skills class, you know that one of the things I emphasize is using good search terms. Here is my librarian confession. When ordering one of today’s books, I had a total search term fail. I had read excellent reviews of the book and jotted down the title. When it came time to order it, there was one problem. The title of the book is X. And I hadn’t bothered to write down the name of the author. Luckily, I remembered she was Malcolm X’s daughter, and just needed to DuckDuckGo her (because you know I don’t use Google) to get her name.


So, Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of Malcom X, is the author of today’s two books. One is a memoir, Growing Up X. Ms. Shabazz was only 3 when her father was assassinated. She grew up in a house with her mother and 5 sisters. This is the story of her life, and particularly her relationship with her mother.

Not to leave her father unaccounted for, Ms. Shabazz’s most recent book  X is a novel based on her father’s childhood and teen years. Malcolm Little’s father was murdered and his mother was sent away. No one took him seriously when he said he wanted to be a lawyer, so he stopped trying. He starts down a path that soon becomes out of control. X is available in print and as an MP3 CD. And, maybe, if you pay attention, you’ll soon hear how you can own your own audio copy of this book.


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