App of the Week – Fyuse

For me, there are two things I like best about my smartphone. First, I like being able to look up answers whenever I want. (That’s not surprising is it?) Second, I like having a camera on hand all of the time.

Continuing tgyuseo look at “fun” apps for the summer, I tend to gravitate towards photo and video apps rather than game apps. This week I discovered one called Fyuse. This is essentially a “spatial photography” app. Once you load Fyuse and create an account (either with your email or through Facebook or Twitter), you can start taking pictures. Except, these are not your standard pictures, they’re 360 degree pictures.

Here’s how it works. You turn on your camera and there’s a “Press and Hold” button at the bottom. You press and hold that (surprise!) and then press one of the arrows so Fyuse knows which direction you’re going. Then you slowly walk around your subject or move your camera in that direction. When you’re done, release the Press and Hold and click on your thumbnail. It may take a little while to process the image, but when it’s done, you will now have an interactive picture. Bring the picture up to full screen and either tilt your phone or swipe across the picture and you’ll get a view from different sides.

It’s very, very cool. I’m going to waste a lot of time and a lot of memory on this.

Fyuse is free and is available for iOS and in Beta for Android. Even though the Android version is in Beta, I didn’t have any problems with it (well, except that my first picture was probably too large and was taking forever to process, so I just quit the app and started again).


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