Classic Rock Book Friday

There are too many new books in the library (and another big boxful on the way…if you hear “squeeing” in the library, don’t be alarmed) and too few weeks left in the school year to focus on older books. And I’m so excited about some of these new books, that Classic Book Friday is going to be on hold until next year.

But, today’s book features some classic rock…so maybe that’s okay?


I had the privilege of meeting Erin Entrada Kelly at the beginning of spring break. She was at Children’s Book World for a launch party for her first book Blackbird Fly. This is the story of Apple Yengko, a Filipino middle-school student. At the beginning of the year, she finds out she’s #3 on the Dog Log, the list the boys put together of the ugliest girls in school. Her life starts to fall apart as people shun her, bark at her, and start rumors that she eats dogs. On top of that, she’s constantly arguing with her mother who feels she’s becoming too American. The one good thing in her life…music. Specifically, The Beatles.

I haven’t had a chance to read this one yet, but everything I’ve read about it is fantastic! And Ms. Kelly is amazing. Definitely worth a read!


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