April is…School Library Month

We’ve been talking about how aware April is: poetry, occupational therapy, autism. But, if you remember back to the Snapple debacle, April is also School Library Month. I’m trying not to be too competitive with Mrs. Trusty this year.

In addition to being school library month, this week is also National Library Week. So, I went hunting for a good book with a good librarian in it. If any of you have aspirations to become famous authors, let me give you this piece of advice: write a good librarian in your story and you will become a librarian favorite.


This is one of my perennial favorites (that means I talk about this book at least once a year). So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld is about so many things. It’s got social media, tends, tendsetters, missing people, missing shoes, and a potenial vast conspiracy. And best of all, when Hunter, the main character, needs to crash a black-tie affair, he needs some help trying to figure out how to tie a bow tie. So what does he do? Does he look it up on the internet? No. He calls the reference desk at the New York Public Library.

And for that reason, I will always recommend Scott Westerfeld books to you!


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