App of the Week – Scholly

This week is another app and website combination.

There are lots of websites out there that collect scholarship information for students. And while that’s a good thing, that’s also the problem, too. There are lots of them. And each one wants you to create a profile and give them all sorts of information about yourself. It could be almost a full-time job researching all of the available scholarships out there.


Enter Scholly. The app and website were developed by Drexel student Christopher Gray, who earned $1.3 million dollars in scholarships. He worked with two partners to create an app that gathers information from many of the other websites and put the info all in one place. They were recently featured on Shark Tank where the investors were fighting to back the business.

you can download the app for iOS or Android. The app is $.99. You can also register to use their website, which has a registration fee of $2.99. Some people have said they found the interface on the app a little difficult to work with, so it may be worth the extra $2 to register with the website.

You’ll be asked for some information and their algorithm will search for scholarships that will be a fit for you. I registered so that I could see the interface and I get a couple of emails a week showing new scholarships that match my criteria.

If you want money for school, this is definitely an app or site to check out. It pulls a lot of useful information into one spot.


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