App of the Week – Website of the Week – Podcast of the Wee

So, in addition to an app, this week I’d like to introduce you to a website. Podomatic is a website for independent podcasts. So you’re not going to come to Podomatic for things like Stuff You Should Know or the TED Radio Hour (can you tell how my podcast listening goes?). But you know what you can find there?

HillCast – the podcast about all things Hill Top! We have a great group of students working in podcasting activity. They’ve already put together a few episodes. Their specific web address is

Want to know who’s responsible for the podcast? Listen to Episode 1 – Meet the Team. Want to know about the STEM Competition Dr. Schindler’s Physics class attended? Check out Episode 2 – STEM Competition. Tired of all of your print jobs in the library coming out double sided? In Episode 3 – Tech Tips, Sam will walk you through permanently disabling that feature.

New episodes will be uploaded on Mondays. And you can subscribe through iTunes if that’s what you usually use to listen to your podcasts (we’re not in iTunes yet, but from the Podomatic page, you can send your subscription to iTunes).


Oh, and it is still an app. Podomatic has an app for both Apple and Android.


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