App of the Week – Who Wants Some Pi?

As most of us know, Saturday will be Pi Day. And not just any Pi Day. This year, the date takes Pi to 4 digits: 3.1415! Hill Top will be celebrating, as always. And here are a couple of apps to get you ready for the celebration.


If you’re on an Apple device, check out Learn Pi Free. You can use this app to quiz yourself on how far out you can memorize Pi. It has a quiz mode and a test mode. There is a paid version, although I can’t see any difference in the description. My guess is that for $.99 there are no ads.


If you’re on an Android device, check out Pi (3.141159…). This free app will tell you some of the history of Pi, show you Pi to 1020 decimal places, and allow you to test your memorization skills.

There’s also some cool stuff going on at the Franklin Institute on Saturday. To start with, they are opening at 9.26AM (3.1415926). But then they have a whole line up of Pi(e) Adventures.


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