App of the Week – Space Station Research Explorer

Last week, I was flipping through my latest edition of Popular Science when I came across this really cool app.


Space Station Research Explorer is your chance to see what’s going on on the International Space Station. Choose facilities to see what the inside of the space station looks like. Click on part of the picture for an explanation of what you’re seeing.

Want to know about the experiments being conducted on the space station? Choose experiments and then choose which kind of experiment you want to see. Want to know about the IMAX film being shot? Want to know about combustion experiments? Want to know what kinds of experiments schools are putting together and sending into space? It’s all there. For each experiment, you can get technical details, pictures, links, and publications related to what they’re doing. Not only can you find out what’s happening now, you can scroll through past expeditions and see what happened then.

Under Media, play games, see videos, listen to podcasts. This app has a lot to offer, and I’ve only started to scratch the surface. Really, it has the potential to be a huge time suck, but it’s so cool, it’s worth it!

Space Station Research Explorer is free and available for both iOS and Android


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