Classic Book Friday – Twisted Classic

Today’s classic book is a twist on a classic.

romietteSharon M. Draper’s Romiette and Julio takes the Bard’s classic and gives it a modern twist. It’s a slightly older book (published in 1999, hence showcasing it on “Classic Book Friday”), so it may seem a little dated that Romiette and Julio meet in an internet chat room where they hit it off and discover that they go to the same school. Everything is going great until a local gang expresses disapproval of their interracial relationship.

I read this ages ago (probably the first time I was here at Hill Top) and remember loving it. Sharon M. Draper is a fabulous writer. In fact, she was just awarded the Margaret A Edwards award for her significant contribution to young adult literature.

Which brings me to a proposal. Every year, the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), through their blog The Hub, does what they call the Best of the Best challenge. For this, they challenge people to 25 of the books that have received awards, like the Printz, the Edwards, the Odyssey, or have been named to a top ten list, like top ten graphic novels, popular paperbacks, etc. For the 4th year in a row, I’ll be participating. And I’d love it if some of you would join me. I’m not suggesting that everyone read 25 books, but a few. The full list of nominated books can be found here (2015_hub_reading_challenge_list-HTtitles). The highlighted books are ones that the library either already has, or that are on order for the library. But, as always, if there’s something you want to read that we don’t have, I will happily get it for you through interlibrary loan. Let’s see if we can, as a community, read 25 of the books!

Let me know if you’re interested in trying some of these books. If you are, I can set up either a Google Classroom or a group on Goodreads and we can keep track of what everyone is reading and what you think of the books.



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