New Book Wednesday – Classic Edition

So today’s book is really a classic book, written in 1979, but it’s new to our library.

kindredKindred by Octavia E. Butler is a fantastic story. Dana is a Black woman moving into a new home with her husband Kevin, a white man. Suddenly, she is transported from 1976 Los Angeles to 1815 Maryland, where she saves a young boy named Rufus from drowning and then returns to her own time. What passes as a few minutes for Dana is just a few seconds for Kevin. A short time later, she finds herself at Rufus’s side again. This time she stays longer and is gone longer. Again and again, she finds herself pulled to Rufus whenever he is in trouble. Each time her stay is longer and more dangerous. She needs to figure out what her connection is to this boy and how prevent him from pulling her back again.

There’s a little Slaughterhouse Five vibe here in that it reminded me of Billy Pilgrim’s issue of coming “unstuck in time.”

This book had been on my “to read” list for a long, long time. I finally got around to reading it just last year and I loved it. Mrs. Selinsky has said that Butler is one of her favorite science fiction writers. I’ll definitely be looking for more books by her.


2 responses to “New Book Wednesday – Classic Edition

  1. Laura Selinsky

    Awesome author- one of the best. Butler too often narrowly characterized as good for a “woman sci-fi. author” or good for an “African-American sci-fi. author” when she deserves broader recognition.

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