App of the Week – Seconds

Since it’s Digital Citizenship Week here at Hill Top and we’re going to be talking about the ways in which our devices can distract us, I thought I’d look for an app that can help you manage your time better. Here’s what I found.

secondsTechnically, Seconds is a timer for interval workouts. So, you’ll see lots of gym-related vocabulary when you look it up. However, let’s think outside the box a little, shall we?

I know sometimes when I have a task to work on it’s easy to get distracted. Especially if I’m working on my computer, or have my phone or Nook nearby. Maybe I’m supposed to write a book review. But I’m stuck for what to say, so I’m just going to take a quick break and see what’s happening on Facebook. Oh and while I’m at it, anything new on Tumblr? And just one quick game of Bejeweled. And now an hour has passed and I haven’t made any progress on my book review.

With an interval timer I can set “work” and “break” intervals. So, I set it for 30 minutes and 10 minutes. I work on my book review until the beep. Then I have 10 minutes to blow stuff up in Bejeweled or check out my runners on Tumblr. Then it’s back to work when the alarm goes off again. The nice thing about an interval timer as opposed to a regular old timer is that you can set a bunch of intervals and they just roll into each other. So you’re not resetting your timer to 10 minutes after your 30 minutes of work. I’ve been using something like this since the summer, especially when I need to clean the house, and it works really well.

Seconds is free for iOS and Android. There’s also a professional version, although if you’re just using it for a task timer, I don’t know that you need to pay to upgrade.


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  1. Thank you so much,Amy!


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