Classic Book Friday – Island Edition

Continuing with the theme of being stranded on an island…


Even if I hadn’t already been familiar with Libba Bray when Beauty Queens came out, I would have totally picked it up just for that cover. Isn’t it fabulous?

This is another in the Lord of the Flies tradition. A plane full of teenagers crashes on a remote island. The catch this time…they’re all teen beauty pageant contestants. Some take the opportunity to really exemplify the Miss Teen Dream values. Others see it as a chance to rebel against them. And Miss New Mexico has to adjust to life with an airplane tray table lodged in her forehead.

There is the expected clash of personalities, but the longer the girls are stranded, the more they begin to realize that not all is right with the Miss Teen Dream franchise or with the island where they’ve crashed.

I love Libba Bray. Her books tend toward the absurd and are just a wild ride. Those of you who were in the Going Bovine group for summer reading should have an idea of what I mean.


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