New Book Wednesday – Evil Island Edition

20150120_104912Nil by Lynne Matson is a crazy ride of a story. It starts with Charley, walking through a Target parking lot and overcome by a shimmering wall of heat. Next thing she knows, she’s (seemingly) alone on some island.

It turns out she’s not really alone. There is a group of kids on the island. All arrived as strangely as Charley did. They don’t know where the island is. They have no way of communicating with home. The only thing they do know, is that they have 365 days to find another heat shimmer and get home or else you die.

The kids on Nil (that’s what they’ve named the island) have naturally set up a leadership structure and a method of finding the shimmers to try to help people get out (based on how much time they have left). But not everyone plays by the rules…including Nil.

It’s a little bit Lord of the Flies and a little bit Maze Runner and a whole lot of fun. I read this book a little while back and LOVED it. And I just saw that Matson has written a follow up book that’s coming out this spring, so I’m eagerly anticipating that one.


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