Classic Book Friday – Nefarious Librarian Edition

alcatrazThey say a worn cover is the sign of a well-loved book. So it should be obvious that this book has been popular among Hill Top students. And it’s one of my all-time favorites.

Alcatraz has been in 27 foster homes. He gets moved around a lot because he’s always breaking things. On his 13th birthday, he receives a back of sand in the mail. Shortly after, Alcatraz’s grandfather shows up to let Alcatraz know that he is part of a long line of people fighting against the evil librarians, who are trying to take over the world by spreading misinformation (for example, dinosaurs still exist and they can talk). Alcatraz has to team up with his grandfather and other new-found relatives to defeat the librarians and protect his bag of sand.

I first found out about this book from a comic strip.

Brandon Sanderson, for those of you who enjoy fantasy, completed Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Cycle after Jordan passed away. So, when it comes to fantasy, he’s up there. Oh, and he’s also going to be at Children’s Book World on January 27th! Can you guess who will be geeking out that night?


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