New Book Wednesday – Guest Speaker Edition

I’m out of town checking out colleges this week. Matt W. has graciously volunteered to step in and take over New Book Wednesday duties. (Okay, really, I put him on the spot and made him do it, but he agreed nonetheless.)

higher callFrom Matt, “A Higher Call by Adam Makos is a book retelling the encounter between an American bomber pilot, Charlie Brown, and a German fighter pilot named Franz Stigler. The book covers the lives of these two pilots in impressive detail, as well as their encounter where Franz saves Charlie’s life, along with his dying crew. This book is a must read for any history enthusiast.”

Although from what I hear, Matt discusses it much better in person. He read this book as part of his Goodreads assignment for Mr. Betteridge. When he was about 2/3 finished, he came to me one day and suggested that he thought this would be a good book to add to our library. I told him I would be happy to add it, knowing that a lot of you like to read history and war stories, but that I had one condition. Since he read the book and I haven’t, he would have to do the New Book Wednesday for it. After thinking it over for a few minutes, he agreed. And from what I hear, he did a great job.

If there’s anyone else out there who is reading a book they think will have appeal to other Hill Top students, feel free to ask me to add it to the library collection. Just know, you’ll be asked to stand up and tell everyone about how great the book is.


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