App of the Week – Color Zen

I was going to do an academic related app today, but there’s a break coming up, and sometimes we just need something that’s good at sucking up our time. Enter Color Zen.

color zenThis is kind of hard to describe. The border of your screen will be one color, and you’ll have shapes inside shapes next to shapes of other colors. The object is to turn your whole screen the same color as the border, by connecting shapes of the same color.

Here’s an example. The border is orange.So I want to turn the whole screen orange.

Screenshot_2014-11-17-09-42-18First I get rid of the blue, by touching the circle and the diamond together.

Screenshot_2014-11-17-09-42-24Then I get rid of the outside oranges by moving the diamond to the triangle.

Screenshot_2014-11-17-09-42-31Next, I connect to the diamond to either shape to get rid of the pink.

Screenshot_2014-11-17-09-42-36No, when I connect the circle and the triangle, the whole screen will turn orange and I can move to the next level.

Like a lot of games, this starts out easy and gets progressively harder. There are a few levels that have taken me a few days to figure out. It requires some thought and some planning, but it’s a fun way to waste a few hours, especially if your stuck in a car for a while.

Color Zen is free and available for both iOS and Android.


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