New Book Wednesday – Ghostly Edition

We need a little supernatural something-or-other for the Halloween weekend, right? So, here’s Cornelia Funke’s Ghost Knight.

ghostThis is a really fun story about Jon, a young man recently sent to boarding school. Everything seems to be going okay, until a pack of bloody ghosts come after him. They’re out for revenge, but Jon has no idea why. He teams up with Ella, who comes from a rather, shall we say, “non-traditional” family to figure out why he’s been targeted and how they can make it stop.

I loved this book! I listened to the audiobook a while ago when this won an Odyssey honor. Suspenseful. Funny. All around awesome. Cornelia Funke also wrote the Inkheart series, so you know she does fantasy really well. (And for the record, Inkheart is one of the top examples of “never judge a book by its movie.”)

And since some of you are into this now, thanks to Mr. Betteridge, you can check out my Goodreads review.


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