Solar Eclipse!!


There’s going to be a partial solar eclipse this afternoon. I think this is so cool, and it may help make up for the fact that I kinda missed the lunar eclipse a week or so ago. (Actually, I did see it when I went out for a run that morning, I just didn’t know that there was going to be an eclipse, so I was confused because I thought the moon was supposed to be full. What can I say? Running makes you stupid.)

Anyway, if the skies clear up (I’m an optimist), it will be visible between 5.50 and 6.10 this evening.

You should never look directly at a sun during an eclipse (unless it’s a full solar eclipse, then you can look at it when it’s fully eclipsed). But this website has info on how to safely view it.

I love reading stuff by Phil Plait. And it was his article where I first learned of the eclipse. At the end of the article, he has a list of places that will be live streaming the eclipse in case the sun doesn’t come out this afternoon. So, go to this article and then scroll to the bottom. And it turns out that there’s a monster sunspot that’s supposed to make the eclipse that much more awesome!!


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