Classic Book Friday – Mash-up Edition

Wednesday’s featured series was a mash-up of William Shakespeare and George Lucas, so it seemed fitting to choose another mash-up that’s been shuffling around the library for a while.

20140926_092527Mark Twain…meet the zombie invasion. In Adventiures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim, Huck and Jim are battling those infected by a pox that kills them and brings them back to life. And of course, Huck orchestrates a prank that goes horribly wrong for Jim, requiring them to escape to the river.

These mash-ups tend to be pretty true to the original, so if you’ve never read Mark Twain you can get a taste for his style, while enjoying a little zombie apocalypse. This also fits with Banned Books Week since Twain’s original is one of the most often challenged books and has even been recently “edited” to make it less “offensive.”


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