Some Books for Women’s History Month

women science
A few weeks ago, Baila told us about Watson and Crick’s discovery of the double helix structure of DNA. When I posted about that, someone commented on that post, “I think you mean Rosalind Franklin. Forget Watson and Crick!”
This was news to me. I had never heard the name Rosalind Franklin. So a quick DuckDuckGo search lead me to learn that she was a biophysicist who, among other achievements, helped science come to understand how DNA was formed. Her work was crucial to what Watson and Crick were able to do. They based their findings on her research and, unfortunately history hasn’t given her he share of the credit. So, if you want to know about the origins of DNA, you may be interested in reading Rosalind Franklin and DNA by Anne Sayre.
Want to know about other women working in science, in laboratories, making discoveries, and paving the way for women in a typically masculine field? You might want to read Women in Science: then and now by Vivian Gornick.


One response to “Some Books for Women’s History Month

  1. Mrs. Selinsky

    Thanks for sharing these great books. There are still comparatively few women in the physical sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, engineering). Get your lab on, girls!

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