This Week in History – in Books

So yesterday Jake told us all about the history of Florida. Florida. I bet it’s nice and warm there now. I bet there’s no snow on the ground in Florida. I bet I could run outside if I were in Florida.
Oooopps. Did I type that out loud?
Anyway…back to the books. So how about some books set in Florida?
Carl Hiaasen is one of my favorite writers. He writes for adults and kids and both sets of books are equally as engaging and funny. Hoot, Flush, Scat, and Chomp are set in Florida. Each book looks at a different environmental issue facing animals (and people) there. Usually, quirky kids are going up against big corporations and figuring out how to make their points heard.

On a completely different topic, Michaela yesterday talked about school integration. One of my favorite books on that topic is Elizabeth and Hazel: two women of Little Rock. This is probably one of the most iconic pictures from the civil rights movement
(photo by Will Counts via
The African-American student is Elizabeth Eckford. She was one of the Little Rock Nine. The student yelling at her is Hazel Massery. Author David Margolick sought out the two women a few years back to see where life had taken them both. The result of that is this book.


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