Books for Black History Month

For Black History Month, I thought I’d focus on some African-American authors. One of my all-time favorites is Christopher Paul Curtis.
Luther T. Farrell is under the rule of his mother, a.k.a. The Sarge. He does a lot of work at the slum housing and group homes that she owns. At 15, he’s got a fake driver’s license because he’s expected to drive the group home residents around. Meanwhile, he’s got to defend his science fair title against someone with whom he might be in love and his mom is making him share a room with a strange old guy known as Chester X. Luckily, his best friend, Sparky, has a plan to get them out of Flint once and for all. But how much do you think you trust a guy named Sparky to come up with a really good plan?

I love this book. Curtis is funny and witty and draws truly believable and relatable characters. I discovered this book after finding it in Unshelved’s Book Club. (Unshelved is where I get a lot of my library themed t-shirts.)
And if you try it and like it, he’s got a few other really good books as well.


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