Winter Break Reading – Historical Fiction Edition

Winter break is coming up (just 4 more school days, but who’s counting, right?). So, it’s time to start putting together you list of books you’re going to read over the break. Today’s recommendations come from the historical fiction realm, since I know some of you are still looking for a book for Mrs. Selinsky’s next independent reading assignment.
First up is Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan. This is a fabulous steampunk revision of World War I. The story starts out, as all WWI stories do, with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In this version of history, Ferdinand has a son, and his bodyguards whisk him away for his own protection. Meanwhile, in England, Deryn Sharpe is disguising herself as a boy to join the British Air Service. The story shifts perspective between these two until, of course, they come together. Don’t forget to add the steampunk twist where the Axis powers are the “clankers” relying on machines, and the Allies are the naturalists with floating whales. It’s a fantastic story and the first in a trilogy. Also available on CD (although the audiobook doesn’t have the fantastic illustrations).
In Katherine Marsh’s Jepp, who Defied the Stars, Jepp is a dwarf who is taken from his mother’s home to be a court jester. After he is caught trying to escape with another court dwarf, Jepp is banished to a remote island to serve a scientist. While there, Jepp learns about science, falls in love, and earns a higher place among the scholars. But he still wants to know if he can control his fate or if he is destined by his stars. I loved this story!
More suggestions to come tomorrow, but you can also check out the library’s new tumblr for additional suggestions!


One response to “Winter Break Reading – Historical Fiction Edition

  1. Thanks for the great book recommendations, Mrs. Gillespie. I’ve had many students read and love “Leviatan.”

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