All Hallow’s Read – Day 4

Okay, I have a few books for today to get you through the long weekend.

The first book falls into the category of “Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Movie.” Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart is a fantastic suspenseful story about Meggie, whose father can read characters out of a story. When he reads out loud, characters can escape the story and exist in the real world. Unfortunately, to keep balance, someone from the real world gets sucked into the story. Now, some story escapees are trying to destroy all copies of the book from which they came so that no one can make them go back. The problem…when Meggie’s dad read them out, her mom ended up in the story. So it’s a battle between these characters and Meggie and her dad. The movie is dreadful, but the story delightful. And it’s the first in a trilogy (that’s how bad the movie was…they never bothered to make the other two).

My second book for today is Rotters by Daniel Kraus. I listened to this about two years ago when it won the Odyssey Award for best audiobook. I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about listening because I thought it was going to be another zombie book and, frankly, I’m over zombies. So, I was creepily pleased when I realized the book is really about grave robbers! Joey Crouch’s mom has died suddenly. Now he has to go live with a father he has never met. Now, not only is Joey a target for being the new kid, it turns out his father is the strangest, most despised member of the community. After a few weeks, Joey pieces together his father’s secret…that he spends his nights robbing graves, and Joey decides to get into the family business.

Finally, a creepy true story. Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most notorious serial killers in history. Now imagine that you hung out with him in high school. In My Friend Dahmer, Derf Backderf recounts what Dahmer was like as a teenager. It’s an interesting story. (Warning, serious library geekery ahead.) And, strangely, for a graphic novel, it is incredibly well documented. Using notes at the end of the book, Backderf explains how he knew what the Dahmer’s house looked like and how he learned about things that happened when he was not around Dahmer.

Enjoy the long weekend! And read something creepy!


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