Hill Top Cancer Week – in Books

Just in case you doubted my ability to tie reading to EVERYTHING we do around here.

This week we’ve done a lot as a community to raise awareness, and money, around all types of cancer. This is a perfect tie-in for John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. This is a book about Hazel who has terminal cancer. Her mother makes her attend a totally lame cancer support group, which is where she meets Gus, a cancer survivor. Naturally, they fall in love. Naturally, two kids who have/have had cancer falling in love means you will need a hefty dose of tissues while you read this. But it’s a fantastic book. If you’re not already familiar with John Green, you should start reading his stuff NOW. He’s one of the best writers of teen literature out there today. (This is also available in audio.)


In addition, The Fault in Our Stars is being made into a movie. They’ve been filming out in Pittsburgh for a while now. And I think they were in Amsterdam this week or last week. If you’d like to know more about the movie, check out either John Green’s Tumblr, fishingboatproceeds (which I think you should read anyway, because he’s just an interesting and smart person) or check out the Tumblr for the director Josh Boone, joshboonemovies.

Related, you might also like John Green’s YouTube channel with his brother Hank, The Vlog Brothers. These are two seriously smart guys who vlog about everything from building a Lego Millennium Falcon (which many of you have seen in my class), to books, to how the electoral college works. Very, very entertaining! And their motto: Don’t Forget to Be Awesome. How can you not love that!

This would be a perfect choice for Mr. Betteridge’s independent reading assignment.


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