This Week in History – in Books 10/15

Just FYI…no books on Columbus in this edition of This Week in History – in Books.

Let’s see. Corwallis and the surrender at Yorktown. A quick tumble through the card catalog showed me a number of Revolutionary War books, but this one looked the most interesting.
George Washington, Spymaster looks at how spy craft was used by the colonists to outwit the British during the American Revolution. This is part of the fun of This Week in History – in Books…this book was sort of buried in between two other books. If no one checks it out, I’m taking it home this weekend!

Founding of the Guggenheim Museum.
If you’ve never seen the Guggenheim, it’s quite a building. In fact, lots of folks were appalled when it was built. There Goes the Neighborhood showcases the Guggenheim and nine other buildings that were considered eyesores when they were built.

So, for all of his notorious activities, Al Capone was finally arrested for tax evasion, for which he spend time in Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary. Want to know all of his history? Check out The Life and Times of Al Capone.

Finally, read all about the secrets of Alaska in Wild Alaska.


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