This Week in History…in Books

I love the History Department’s plan of talking about “this week in history” each week. And since I think everything can be related to books, I thought I’d jump on their bandwagon. There will be one bookcase display dedicated to “This Month in History” where I’ll put up books related to the topics each week.
So, for this week, I have Tom Wolfe’s classic, The Right Stuff, about the NASA pilots and astronauts who were part of the beginning of the space race against Russia.
Regarding National Parks, America’s Hidden Treasures highlights some of the less famous National Parks. Or check out the biography of John Muir who was instrumental in getting the United States to establish the National Park system. (Did you know that the United States is the only country with national parks?)
Finally, if you want to see how cars are put together, check out How Cars Are Made. It’s kind of dated (the book is from the mid-80s), but aside from the funny looking cars, it’s a pretty decent explanation of the assembly-line process.


One response to “This Week in History…in Books

  1. Mrs. Selinsky

    Students taking my Literature & Brit. Lit. classes will need nonfiction books for their November Book Reports. These history-based books provide a great place to start looking for nonfiction, including biography.

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